1-3 March 2017

15th International Trade Fair


IEC, Kyiv, 15, Brovarsky Prospect

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About Exhibition

Premier Expo welcomes you to participation in the 13th International BuildTech'2015 Trade Fair!

The notable changes in the economy of Ukraine during the past few years gave a powerful incentive to the development of industrial and civil engineering and spurred on to launching new and upgrading existing extractive industry facilities. The highest work paces were observed in construction and reconstruction of the domestic transport sector. The obvious progress lately in the time of global economic crisis inspires optimism and lets us discern a light in the end of tunnel. Whereas the whole world now cuts back the industrial production, and the world economy suffers the time of recession, Ukraine has a unique chance to develop since we can be active in using our resources accumulated, particularly, in the construction sector. Domestic companies have the opportunity to use their abilities for the realization of EURO'2012 projects.

By 2012 for example, we have to cure five thousand kilometers of ways, having a national importance. The National EURO'2012 Oriented Road Economy Program issued this challenge. Much work connected with the construction of stadiums, airports, hotels and other facilities has to be done in the country. The government of Ukraine expects the investment to realize the national program to the tune of more than UAH 90 billion. Furthermore, it would raise the employment and, as a result, the earnings of state and host domain budgets. It is clear, in order to execute such a scope of work and keep high a building rate, the application of up-to-date building machinery, mechanisms, equipment and advanced building technologies is indispensable.

Having become yet the biggest forum for the whole range of "serious" construction, road-building, mining and special-purpose equipment and technologies, BuildTech, in particular, gives an opportunity not only to see new models, but also to estimate specifications and driving performance of machinery from the world manufacturers on a test ground.

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